At DreamRoots, we know individuals grow stronger when they draw upon their roots. Similarly, our professional paradigm enables us to utilize our individual talents while maximizing the benefits for your son or daughter. 

Planning: As experienced essay coaches, we understand that students prepare for the college admission process well before they actually sit down to write their application essays. If students and parents desire, Meg will counsel students during their sophomore or junior year to identify relevant and meaningful academic and extracurricular experiences for students to engage in as they prepare for college.

Common Application Personal Statement:  During the summer before their senior year, Michael works with students to write their personal statement.

Working one-on-one, Michael fosters a creative, low-stress writing environment. He finds that students exceed their own expectations when freed of prejudgments about what their essays are "supposed to" be. In doing so, students begin to view writing as a process they better understand and enjoy. Moreover, the specific, sensory details of his students' experiences lead to compelling essays that connect with college admissions departments.

What Michael most looks forward to is that moment of realization when students discover the authentic story they want to tell.

Supplemental Essays: Once students finish their personal statement with Michael, they will work with Meg on their supplemental essays.

Meg balances her knowledge of the college audience with her student-centered approach to guide students through their college-specific essays, eliminating the stress many feel during this process. 

Collaborating with students through all stages of the writing process results in supplemental essays that leverage her students' achievements, interests, and goals through a distinct and personal lens. This allows them to distinguish themselves to college admissions departments and to find their ideal fit.

Final edits: Two sets of eyes are better than one. Both Michael and Meg read all essays before they are submitted.

Application Submission: When students are ready to submit in the early fall, Meg is available to guide them through the process.

Working with Michael and Meg was extremely beneficial to my application process. Michael focused on my common app, giving me his full attention and creativity, and we decided it would be best to try an original approach. The three of us worked closely on my supplemental essays and came up with a great angle that matched my interests in urban development. Both helped me research specific schools and their majors. Working with Michael and Meg was really fun and gave me many college options!”
— Kate, University of Illinois